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The Huamei Academy at Dalian American International School serves the educational needs of all Chinese national students from grades 9-12. Our students are committed to seeking their tertiary education abroad. Huamei students experience a broad range of academic subjects and co-curricular activities delivered by an experienced staff of international educators. Huamei is committed to providing a positive and nurturing environment that promotes learning and discovery. Optimum student/teacher ratios are maintained to provide students with the support they need to fully develop their skills and talents.

The Huamei Academy Awarded the “Best Feature International School” Prize

Along with new college entrance examination reform, and in consideration of the great effort to promote English teaching and the great achievements students have made in the public and private schools of China, English coursework has become the focus of public attention. Its study will accelerate the internationalization of China’s education. China Daily and The 21st Century English Education Media Group recently held the English Education Industry Annual Conference on December 18th, 2014 at Beijing where nearly 200 attendees reviewed and honored the great achievements of China’s English education industry in 2014.

With experienced international teachers teaching a fully accredited American high school curriculum in English, small class sizes and advanced classroom technology, the Huamei Academy inspires students to be lifelong learners and independent thinkers. Their education and experiences prepare them for successful admission and study in colleges and universities throughout America and Europe. The Huamei Academy was the focus of attention at the Annual Conference, and was awarded the “Best Feature International School” prize. Ms. Lisa Liang, the founder and CEO of Dalian American International School and The Huamei Academy, was invited as a special guest and participated in a forum focusing on “International Education Practice with Chinese Characteristics.” Ms. Liang and the other experts shared their views and insights on current Chinese international education developments and trends, the connection and integration of Chinese and foreign coursework, and the training of teachers. After accepting the award, a reporter interviewed Ms. Liang. She spoke glowingly of the mission of Dalian American International School and The Huamei Academy and was very gratified to receive her award on behalf of the school.


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